Your Driver

Belair Affair is the lovechild of Karl, who has a long held passion for the style, elegance and driving experience of 1960’s cars. It’s always been his dream to own and restore a car from this era and now that this dream has finally become a reality, he’s keen to share the ride with others.

Karl has lived and worked in Margaret River for over 25 years and is also an avid 4WD enthusiast, so there isn’t a road in the south west capes that Karl hasn’t travelled on in one way or another. He’s also a qualified winemaker and happy to share his knowledge of local wineries and the wine making process, as well as discussing the contents of wine bottles.

Belair Affair and Karl possess all of the Department of Transport WA licences, authorisations and insurances for ‘On Demand Transport’, so you’ll be in safe hands. Karl’s easygoing and discreet nature will ensure that your ride is fun, relaxed and hassle free.